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Instructor Roger Sherrill, a highly respected realtor and real estate instructor, is an acknowledged expert in the field.

Mr. Sherrill started his own real estate company “Sherrill Properties” in Seattle in the mid 1960’s, and later started “Sherrill Properties” in Palm Springs in 1971. Later Mr. Sherrill moved to San Diego and operated “Sherrill Properties” there. Presently he is licensed as a broker in Nevada and Oklahoma.

Mr. Sherrill has teaching in Nevada since about 2002, first teaching live real estate for “MoneyWorld School of Real Estate” and then working for ACI in 2003. He is Licensed to teach all Continuing Education approved courses, 90 Hour live and correspondence courses, 18 hour live and correspondence law, 24 hour live property management, and Broker Management and Real Estate Appraisal as well.

Mr. Sherrill is available for one on one questions by phone as well as by email.

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