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Common Questions

Several common questions prospective students ask :

Why take the course before the test ?

How much is state test fee ?

What is the success rate percentage for those who take the crash course?

What is the failure rate for those who do not take the state crash course?

General Information about the Nevada real estate test:

There are two parts to the state exam:
1. The national test which has about 80 questions.
2. Nevada law exam. There about 40 questions in the Nevada law test
3. 120 questions between both Nevada law and National.
4. You have to pass both exams.

If you pass the national and flunk the Nevada Law section or vice versa then you have to pay another $100 and retake the exam.
If you are licensed in a state other than Nevada and wish to obtain a Nevada realty license you will have to take the Nevada State law exam.

Questions most ask about the course


Approximately 70% flunk on the 1st attempt.
It costs you $100 each time you take the state test

By taking our crash course you save two things :


100% of those taking our crash course pass on the first try !
If you don’t, you will get a TOTAL refund. That is how confident we are in our program.

Real Estate agent opportunities are better now than they were two years ago!

Every thing you need to know to pass the state test is covered in our program:

  • Real Estate Law
  • Real Estate Terminology and Definitions
  • Leases
  • Ethics
  • Contracts
  • Mortgages
  • Trusts
  • Government Zoning
  • Building Inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Broker Management
  • Property Management
  • And much more

Can make 6 figures as realtor

Is there opportunity in the market? There are approximately 30,000 real estate agents in Nevada.
There are 3,000 less real estate agents in Clark County now than 1 yr ago!

By comparison, California has bout 300,000 agents.

If license sits on ice over 1 yr. Then they have to take 90 hrs over and test over
As well as continuing education course.
100. The next day.

If you pass

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